Agriculture & Horticulture

Colfax County was named for Schuler Colfax, Vice President of the United States under President Grant at the time this historic county was created. Raton is the county seat and is located at the foot of Raton Pass, gateway to the Land of Enchantment. The NRA Whittington Center, Philmont Scout Ranch, DAV Vietnam Veterans National Memorial, Sugarite Canyon State Park, Angel Fire Ski Resort are tourist attractions. The geography of Colfax County varies widely, ranging from the high plains to high mountain elevations. Cattle ranching, hunting, fishing, and historic sites such as the elaborate Schuler Theater in Raton and the St. James Hotel in Cimarron are all important parts of Colfax County's interesting history.

The total area of Colfax County is 2,408,940 acres or 3,771 square miles. Land ownership distribution is 1% federal, 12% state, and 87% private lands. Farming and ranching is the main industry in the county, with approximately 300 farms total. Colfax County has relatively high numbers of beef cattle. In 1998, there were approximately 21,000 head of beef cows in the county, and approximately 39,000 head of stockers and yearlings. There is a low number of sheep (500 head), along with only a handful of goat producers, swine producers, and other minor species owners and producers.