Colfax CES Dates to Remember

All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the Colfax County CES office.

January 2017

1---New Year's Day

2---Office Closed

3---CCFA meeting, Cimarron, 7PM

12---4-H County Council meeting, Maxwell School's Auditorium, 6PM

12---4-H achievement Awards, Maxwell School's Auditorium, 6:30PM

16---Office Closed

17-19---NM Association of Counties

21-22---SLR, Albuquerque

23---2017 Master Gardener class 1, Colfax County CES Classroom, 1PM

30---Master Gardener class 2, 1PM

February 2017

6---Master Gardener class 3, 1PM

7---4-H Day at the Roundhouse

7---CCFA meeting, Raton, 7PM

12---Mandatory Shooting Sports Meeting, NRA, 8:30AM

13---Master Gardener class 4, 1PM

14---Valentine's Day

17-19---4-H Shooting Sports Leadership certification, Carlsbad

18---CCFA Spring Roundup, Raton Convention Center

20---Master Gardener class 5, 1PM

20---Master Gardener meeting, 1 & 3PM

23---YGA deadline due in office by 5PM

26---Mandatory Shooting Sports Meeting, NRA, 8:30AM

27---Master Gardener class 6, 1PM

March 2017

1---Colfax County Building starts new hours- Monday-Thursday 7AM to 5:30PM

1---4-H Enrollments due in office by 5PM

4---Springer Steer tagging, 9-10AM

6---Master Gardener class 7, 1PM

7---CCFA meeting, Maxwell

10---Raton Steer Tagging, Mesa Vista Vet., 5PM

11---Deadline for Steer ownership & possession

12---Daylight Saving Time Begins

12---Shooting Sports Practice, NRA, 8:30AM

10-12---4-H Home Ec. School, Belen

13---Master Gardener class 8, 1PM

17---St. Patrick's Day

20---Master Gardener class 9, 1PM

20---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

26---Shooting Sports practice, NRA, 8:30AM

27---Master Gardener class 10, 1PM

April 2017

1---4-H Senior Shooting Sports Contest, NRA, 8AM

3---Master Gardener class 11, 1PM

4---CCFA meeting, Springer

8---Make-Up 4-H Senior Shooting Sports Contest, NRA

9---Shooting Sports practice

10---Master Gardener class 12, 1PM

11---House Plant Workshop, 2PM

13---Horse Certificate & rodeo waivers due in office

14---Registration for State Shoot due


17---Master Gardener meetings, 1:30PM (Health Fair booth) & 3PM (monthly meeting)

18---4-H County Council meeting, Springer Methodist Church, 6PM

21-23---Youth Get Away, Glorieta Campgrounds

23---Shooting Sports practice, NRA, 8:30AM

27---Colfax County Health Fair, Raton Convention Center

May 2017

1---Deadline to Add or Drop 4-H projects due in office by 5PM

1---Steer/Heifer Deadline due for State Fair

2---CCFA meeting, Cimarron

4-7---4-H State Shooting Sports Contest, NRA

7---Shooting Sports practice

9---4-H raffle tickets due in office

12---4-H raffle drawing

13---Spring Horse Show, Springer

14---Mother's Day

15---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

21---Shooting Sports practice

25---4-H County General Contest registration due in office

29---Memorial Day, Office Closed

30--Nov./Jr. 4-H County Shooting Sports Contest, NRA

30---Raton Small animal & Heifer Tagging, Mesa Vista Vet., 5-6PM

June 2017

1---Springer Small animal & Heifer Tagging, 4-6PM

4---Shooting Sports practice

5-8---NM Horse School

6---CCFA meeting, Raton

8---Deadline for ownership & possession of heifers, lambs, goats, swine, poultry, & rabbits for county fair

8-9---4-H County General Contest, Raton

9-11---4-H Dog School

10---Fair grounds cleanup

11-16---NMSU Youth Ranch Management Camp

13---Nov./Jr. 4-H District Shooting Sports Contest, NRA

15---4-H State Record Books due

15-16---4-H District General Contest, Albuquerque

18---Father's Day

19---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

24---Spring Livestock Show, Springer, 8AM

24-25--- Regional 4-H Livestock School, Las Cruces

July 2017

4---Independence Day, Office Closed

10-13---State 4-H Conference, Las Cruces

13-14---Grazing Conference, Raton

15---Inspection deadline for livestock

17---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

29-30---State 4-H Horse Show, Tucumcari

August 2017

1---Fair Grounds cleanup

1---4-H County Council meeting, Fair Grounds, 10AM

7-13---Colfax County Fair & Rodeo, Springer

21---Master Gardener meeting & Tour, Chase Ranch, Cimarron

September 2017

4---Labor Day, Office Closed

5---CCFA meeting, 7PM

7-17---New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque

18---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

October 2017

1---New 4-H Year Begins

2-6---National 4-H Week

16---Master Gardener meeting. 3PM

17---Kids, Kows, & More, Raton Convention Center

19---4-H & FFA Trophy Banquet, K-Bob's, Raton, 6:30PM

23---4-H Record Books due in office by 5PM

25---4-H County Council meeting, TBA, 6:30PM


November 2017

5---Daylight Saving Time Ends

7---CCFA meeting

11---Veterans Day

13---Office Closed

20---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

22-24---Office Closed

23---Thanksgiving Day

23-28---4-H National Congress

December 2017

5---CCFA meeting

18---Master Gardener meeting, 3PM

25---Christmas Day

25-26---Office Closed

31---New Year's Eve

January 2018

1---Office Closed

1---New Year's Day

15---Office Closed